If a Song Could Right a Wrong

by Barbara Mossberg (Lyrics) and Shannon Foster (Music)


Hetch Hetchy, I hear your valley singing,
Once again,

It sounds so right,

Wind in your oak tree.

Hetch Hetchy, I see your river springing
Once again,
catching light,

Your waters call to me.

Hetch Hetchy, I see your eagles winging
Once again,
taking flight,

Dreaming you are free.

Sleeping Hetchy Hetchy,
In all your sweet might,
I see your meadow glories once again,
Mist from falls in ferny glen,
Waking up from your long night.

There is a rustle of oak leaves once again
On the Valley floor,
Grasses blow and rocks glow
Gold in afternoon light’s ore.

Hetchy Hetchy, Yosemite’s twin,
I hear your valley singing,
I see your river springing,
I see your eagles winging,
Once again,
Forever more.

Lyrics copyright © 2005 by Dr. Barbara Mossberg
Music copyright © 2007 by Shannon Foster
All rights reserved.

Download complete song in mp3 format - lyrics by Barbara Mossberg, music and performance by Shannon Foster © 2007.

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